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HSCL is part of The Hindusthan Group having interests in manufacturing and marketing of epoxy and allied products. HSCL started operations in July’ 2015 for manufacturing of epoxy and allied products in Jhagadia, Bharuch, Gujarat. It intends to provide complete solutions to customers with technologically advanced material through innovation and its principles of sustainability. HSCL’s products will find application in civil construction, coatings, electrical and electronics, composites, laminations, adhesives, tooling and other niche end-use segments.

We are committed to serving quality products to our clients. Our quality lab is equipped with world class instruments which can help us to achieve excellence in both incoming raw materials and outgoing value-added products. Our quality team is composed of highly qualified chemists who know the right basics and are competent to test the products for their right applications. We value our team and train them for new technologies that can help achieve results quickly and with great reliability.

HSCL believes in innovation and value-added research. We have invested in valuable assets both trained technologists and highly sophisticated instruments. Research and development facility of HSCL will take care of value-added application tests, our dedicated steps in this direction will enable our customers to know the performance of their product in an exhaustive working environment. HSCL aims for planned continual growth by its dedicated efforts towards research and development.

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HSCL has developed range of products to provide solutions to various bonding requirements. These products are useful in fixing of wide range of substrates. HSCL has adhesives setting in 5 minutes to 6 hours. Adhesives are designed to provide optimum strength based on applications. Application segments are marble fixing, glass bonding, metal bonding, handicrafts, bangle applications, wide range of construction activities, engineering, jewellery, wood fixing, reeds, automobile, engineering, etc.


HSCL range of bonding products provide highly effective solutions for bonding and casting requirements. Casting products are available in coloured forms based on application. Applications of bonding products include brush making, abrasive industries, metal bonding, casting and potting systems, etc.


HSCL aims to provide durable high strength solutions for civil applications. Products have wide applications ranging from waterproofing to coatings in wet areas. Applications include waterproofing, concrete bonding, industrial coatings, grouting, structural repairs, core cut grouting, etc. HSCL has high performance systems of epoxy flooring which can be used in pharma, food, power plants, oil and gas, hospitals, energy, automobiles and other industrial sectors. 

Lamination and Coating

Lamination and coating products have applications in handicrafts, key-chains, trophies, ornaments, decorative items, art and craft. These products are designed considering the application requirements for providing long life. Lamination systems can be air dried and oven dried as well. These products provide excellent gloss and are thermostable.

Stone Care

Stone care products range from stone coating to stone casting applications. These products are suitable for wide range of Indian, Italian and stones. Stone care products impart high gloss, fill up cracks and pin holes, provide chemical resistance to stone which reflects in increased life of stones.

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