The Hindusthan Group

Diverse companies united for a single passion- to build the nation.

Contributing to the development of the Indian economy for more than 6 decades, we are a multi-discipline, multi-location, well diversified industrial conglomerate involved in core sector areas like engineering, electricals, chemicals, agriculture-based products, renewable energy and education. We are powered by an able and dynamic team of committed professionals and a vast pool of skilled manpower. Equipped with state-of-art technology, we have industrial units and offices spread across various locations of the country and our team strength has been growing over the years. Continuously seeking initiatives for diversification, expansion and optimization translating into new products and innovations; we have catapulted ourselves into the frontiers of technology in each area of our activities through the strategic alliances and mutual partnership with global leaders and thrusting a major focus on research development and human resources. With such a long and strong history behind us, we have a remarkable foothold in government sectors and overseas markets.


The Hindusthan Group is an Indian conglomerate with 70 years of glorious heritage. The Group has pan-India presence including Kolkata with business interests in diversified high-growth verticals like Engineering, Chemicals, Electricity, Agriculture, Renewable Energy and Education.


Founded in the year 1947, the history of The Hindusthan Group is clearly defined, formulated and univocal with the development of the nation. It’s a saga of success that has always been reflecting an upward curve right since the inception of the Group. In a nutshell, The Hindusthan Group is all about how an Indian company travelled up to become an unequalled diversified business conglomerate.

Business Verticals

With a heritage of over 70 years, The Hindusthan Group has impeccably been working to create a better future by enhancing the quality of people’s lives both in India and abroad. Guided by the visionary leadership of Mr. R. P. Mody, The Founder Chairman of the Group, its key focus always remains on achieving the market leadership through new-age technology. The group today holds the privilege of being a market leader in all the following 6 strategic high-growth business verticals-

  • Engineering
  • Chemicals
  • Power, Renewable Energy and Performance Polymers
  • Agriculture
  • Renewable Energy
  • Education

Statistical Highlights

Sturdy foundations of the past are a corroboration of present buoyant pace of advancement. Today, the Group is a consortium of diverse companies, made up of a vast manpower and professional approaches that are not only outstanding, but also fervently dedicated to service.

  • Ever since the inception 7 decades ago, it has been achieving business milestones at national as well as international levels.
  • The Group’s high-tech manufacturing units and offices are dotted across the map of the nation.
  • The organization currently serves as a livelihood to a gigantic workforce excelling across diversified business verticals.

A Panoptical View

  • Global Partnerships: Manufacturing world-class products through collaboration with international corporations
  • Corporate Governance: An exemplary corporate model with vast and manifold success
  • Core Values: People-orientation, transparency and passion for excellence
  • Corporate Citizenship: Our innumerable social initiatives towards a happier nation
  • Global Reach: Our importers and partners spanning across the globe

Research and Development

Backed by a pool of the knowledgeable and experienced scientists and chemical engineers, we at Hindusthan Sepciality Chemicals Limited (HSCL), have always been involved in innovating newer products to keep pace with time. The aim behind our Research and Development (R&D) activities is to ensure that our customers always get the highest quality products from each of our production units. Our strong emphasis on R&D has enabled us to produce various innovative products which have been customized to suit specific needs of end users.

The new ideas & thrust are due to:

  • An unending quest for betterment in quality
  • Working on newer methodologies
  • Developmental ventures
  • Key focus on producing consistent quality products.


We believe in innovation and value-added research. We have invested in valuable assets like trained technologists and highly sophisticated instruments. We are scaling up our Research & Development facilities that will take care of value added application tests. Our dedicated steps and moves in this direction will enable our customers to know the performance of their product in exhaustive working environments. We aim at achieving well-planned continual growth through our dedicated efforts towards Research & Development.

Quality management

At HSCL, Quality Management is not merely a call of duty for us. We manage this crucial aspect through an unwavering commitment for quality, and continuous improvement in each and every operation to achieve 100% end-user satisfaction and quality objectives.

We are committed to offer best-in-class products to our customers for the entire range of product offerings by adopting:

  • The quality consciousness begins right when the purchase of raw material is made.
  • In-depth analytical testing and due approval before utilization.
  • Stringent control on parameters of error-free processing.
  • Comprehensive ‘intermediate’ quality monitoring.
  • Approval of final product after minute scrutiny before dispatch.
  • Zero tolerance for imperfections and no deviations from the set standards.


Our quality lab is equipped with best-in-class instruments which help us to achieve excellence in the evaluation of both incoming raw materials and outgoing value added products. Our quality team comprises of highly qualified and experienced chemists who are competent to test the products for various applications by adhering to stringent anlytical stnadards. We value our team and train them to combat all the new technological challenges that can help it to achieve better-than-expected results with outstanding reliability.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Hindusthan Speciality Chemicals Limited, CSR is not just a static concept. It is a continuously moving and evolving target. CSR is all about the roles and responsibilities that come our way in meeting challenges which are closely associated with sustainable development. We interpret corporate responsibility as what we should do by going beyond the call of our duty.

  • We conduct our businesses with transparency, ethics, and accountability.
  • We make products that are safe and give their contribution to sustainability during their life cycle.
  • We promote and take care of the well-being of our employees.
  • We are always highly particular about those who are disadvantaged and marginalized.
  • We respect, protect, and make uniting efforts to restore the environment around us.
  • We always support equitable development and inclusive growth.

We always feel concerned about the society around which we are conducting our businesses, and think that a few percentages of what we are achieving must go back to it. Therefore, we plan, implement and ensure the things accordingly.

CSR Policy:

Learn More About Our CSR Policy:

Composition of The CSR commitee
  • Mr. Raghavendra Anant Mody, Chairman
  • Mr. Deepak Kejriwal, Member
  • Mr. Sadhu Ram Bansal, Membe

CSR Projects Approved by the Board – Not Applicable

Environmental management

We are committed to reduce the wastes generated from our processes. Keeping in view the same for our upcoming Jhagadia Plant, we intend to stick to the golden rule of REDUCE/RECYCLE/REUSE. We are also planning for Zero Liquid Discharge from our newly built facility at Jhagadia. Our plant design is going to ensure minimum exposure of chemicals during handling with the provision of closed loop and gravity flow. At Hindusthan Speciality Chemicals Limited, we believe that environmental dimension of sustainability is all about the impacts of a company, especially those dealing in chemicals, on living and non-living things and systems that include mainly land, water, air, and the ecosystems. We strive hard to look into each and every aspect associated with protection and conservation of the environment. We make dedicated efforts to ensure environmental sustainability including conservation of natural resources, agro-forestry, factors that work in ecological balance, protection of plants and proper maintenance of soil, water and air.

Ethical management

Ethical management is all about values and behaviours. We, at Hindusthan Speciality Chemicals Limited, place ethics always on top priority. All the standards that we strictly follow in our business are based on transparent, fair and logical operations. Our decision making is not based only on economical principles, but also on the foreword of ethical judgments. These include fully transparent accounting, fair terms, tax-paying and protection of environment, complying all standards in a fair and upright manner.

The following ethical characteristics make us an ethically responsible organization:

  • The existence of a clear vision & mission statement the existence. Our strong focus on transparency and integrity as a core value.
  • The value are owned and embodied by the top level management.
  • The rewarding system is coordinated with the vision of integrity.
  • Each and every significant decision that management takes, contains ethical values.

Therefore, our ethical management practices not only help us to achieve our economic goals and perform all legal responsibilities, but also enable us to meet all the expectations enforced by different social norms in running the business.