BondOne Clear Cast


  • BondOne Clear Cast is two component modified epoxy casting system



  • Table top casting
  • Casting of decorative items
  • Handicrafts

Features – Benefits:

  • Glass like transparent casting
  • High gloss finish
  • Long pot life


SKUs | Packaging Units:

4 kg | 12 kg | 40 kg | 200 kg


Application Procedure:

  • Make sure that mould to be used for casting is clean and dust free.
  • Mix resin and hardener in ratio 300:100, mixture thoroughly and avoid any bubble or streak formation.
  • Apply release agent to mould.
  • Mix and pour small quantity as epoxy tend to give exotherm, only 8-10 mm pouring at a time this can be repeated to get desired thickness, gap of 8 – 10 hours or 24 hours is recommended between two pouring. This is applicable for pouring at 20O and dust free atmosphere.
  • Allow to dry for 24 hours for optimum results
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