BondOne SR 107


Polychloroprene adhesive

BondOne® SR 107 is a high performance rubber contact adhesive with high bond strength and heat resistance.
BondOne® SR 107 is an excellent adhesive for bonding leather to leather, PVC, rubber soles and other materials. A unique and balanced formulation of BondOne® SR 107 allowed it to be absorbed into porous surfaces with low absorption.

Ideal for:

  • bonding footwear soles and uppers, including soles that are injection molded onto uppers
  • bonding of PVC | leather | all types of rubber | EVA and PU to other materials as well
  • bond most of common footwear components

Features – Benefits:

  • excellent adhesion and high bonding strength
  • specially developed for hot climate
  • usable on porous and non-porous substrates
  • easy to apply using a brush or a roller
  • good water, heat and oil resistance
  • good detergent resistance
  • has a long open time and good wet tack
  • fast drying, 60-minute bonding range


Packaging Units:

  • 5 L tin | 30 L MS Drums
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