BondOne Silcrete


  • BondOne Silcrete is an epoxy resin based medium viscosity system for civil applications
  • It has good filler loading capacity



  • Terrace and bathroom waterproofing
  • Primer and screed in epoxy flooring
  • Repairs in railway infrastructure
  • Core cut
  • Anti rust coating

Features – Benefits:

  • Low shrinkage and good adhesion
  • Water resistant
  • Chemical resistant


SKUs | Packaging Units:

1.5 kg | 7.5 kg 


Application Procedure:

  • Thoroughly clean the surface, it should be clean, dry, dust and grease free.
  • Check for cracks and hollow patches in surface, fill them with motor made with BondOne Silcrete. Use same mortar to fill wall to floor joints (fillets)
  • In a wide mouth container thoroughly mix resin and hardener in ratio 100:50 and apply first waterproofing coat with the help of brush or roller.
  • Apply first coat with the brush or roller.
  • After 3 – 4 hours apply second coat of epoxy in similar manner as step 4.
  • Apply epoxy compatible, UV resistant top coat to protect waterproofing layer from sunlight after 3-4 hours.
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