BondOne Casto


  • BondOne Casto is a low viscosity ambient curing epoxy system for casting application



  • Binder for abrasive wheel casting
  • General casting
  • Small scale potting and encapsulation systems

Features – Benefits:

  • Low viscosity
  • Low shrinkage
  • Chemical and temperature resistant


SKUs | Packaging Units:

1.1 kg | 33 kg


Application Procedure:

  • Add mineral filler powder in resin to get required consistency.
  • Add hardener to resin-filler mixture, mix properly.
  • Make sure the mould is clean without contaminants and apply release agent to the mould.
  • Pour the mixture in to the mould.
  • Allow to cure overnight. Remove the mass from mould and polish for finishing.
  • Abresive will be ready after finishing work.
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